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Even a palace can be a prison.

The amount of time that has elapsed between this and my last blog just proves how shit I am at blogging. I still felt it necessary to document the (less than) interesting events that have occured in my life recently. So here goes nothing.

College's musical this year is We Will Rock You. And I'm playing Meatloaf. Buzz. I'm sharing the part with my friend Alex, and its going to be awesome! No-one But You is killing me, as are the dances, this could be accounted to the lack of grace that I possess (The phrase 'Enter fairy tripping lightly' Springs to mind) But I'm coping, at least I like to think I am. I've never sung infront of an audience before, so that should be an experience, hopefully one I remember for good reasons! And lets be honest, what could I enjoy more than getting to pretend to be like Kerry Ellis for a few hours?!

Another pretty big thing that happened recently (Like last weekend) is that I went to London! (Again!) It was brilliant. It wasn't just me and my mum this time, my Nanna and Grandad came with us :) We had a bit of a debacle with the room key, by which I mean it wouldn't work...for two nights, and there was a bit of a do over the show tickets, but other than that it went pretty swimmingly. So, we went round the usual landmarks, Leicester Square (where we got the tickets for Les Mis on the second day, after we'd tried on the first!), Trafalgar Square, were some bright spark managed to organise a NFL fan rally on the day we were there, and up round The Shard for a look. Les Mis was INCREDIBLE. I don't think I stopped crying from start to finish. Such amazing talents and of course the songs are just beautiful in their own right. The whole thing was just so awe inspiring. And we went to Kensington Palace. A place I had been wanting to visit ever since the obsession with The Young Victoria. It had just been re-opened after a £12 million? pound renovation (Some of which was donated by Emily Blunt and Dame Judi Dench, according to the guide book) and it is a really beautiful place. They, at the minute, have a temporary Princess Diana exhibition on, its only small, but it has a few of her dresses and the original designs in and it was a lovely exhibition to walk round, as was the small 'Diamond Jubilee: A view from the crowd' exhibition. The rest of the palace (which is open to the public, after all, it is still and official royal residence to royals like Prince William and Kate) is split into the King's state rooms and the Queens State rooms. They are pretty much the same as they were in the 1700's, but with a few small modern exhibits thown in and are right up my street. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a good museum (I know! You wouldn't believe that I was nearly 18!) especially one which has a connection to Queen Victoria! And what has more connections to Queen Victoria than Kensington Palace? (Exept maybe Osbourne House) So I really enjoyed my look round there, but the main highlight of my trip was the Victoria Revealed exhibition. To enter the exhibition you had to climb the actual staircase where Princess Victoria met Prince Albert for the first time, and then the actual exhibit started through the big double doors into the Red Saloon (Where she held her first privy council meeting after her accession...you're all so entertained by this information, I can tell.) I was honestly like a kid in a candy shop. I must have spent 3 hours in 5 rooms! I could've spent all day there! There was 3 or 4 of her dresses, including the mourning dress she wore on her accession, her wedding dress (and a replica of the field marshal uniform Albert wore) and a mourning dress she wore when Albert died. There were also a few of the famous dolls in the nursery, as well as some of her childrens clothes. As well as that there were a few of her drawings dotted about, which were amazing to see in the flesh, as i'd only seen them on the internet. It really makes you think about what It would've been like to have grown up in a palace like that, but always wishing you were somewhere else. Especially considering the rules of the Kensington System. All in all, if you get the chance, go an see it, even if you just go see Kensington Palace, I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only did we visit KP, we also decided to go to the Hollywood costume exhibition at the V&A museum. It opened late on a friday, and its a strange feeling to be in a museum at 10 at night. The hollywood costume exhibition is also amazing! There were so many costumes that all looked so intricate (Especially those belonging to actresses who have played Elizabeth I) And I loved the Titanic and Pirates of the Carribean costumes. But the highlight of that had to be Judy Garland's Dorothy Dress and Ruby Slippers. Absolutely in love with them. So amazing! That was pretty much the extent of my London trip. We didn't do much more than we usually do, went round all the sights, saw a show, visited museums, that sort of thing...

I feel like none of that made much sense, and I'm probably right, but I get carried away with these things :')

One last thing (Hooray I hear you shout) I have become obsessed with yet another film. And this film once again contains Emily Blunt. However, thats not the reason I am in love with the film in question. I take it most of you (if there is infact anyone reading this) are aware of a Sci-Fi Thriller by the name of Looper. Well, if you're not, you should be. IT. IS. AMAZING. A total mindfuck, but amazing. I love Sci-Fi, I'm not gonna lie. And a film about time travelling assasins is right up my street. I have seen it twice at the cinema, and I would kill to see it again. The brilliant acting from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Bluntaaay :') and the others just made this film incredible! But of course one little 5 year old stole the show. With possibly some of the scariest tantrums ever (But so awesome at the same time) Peirce Gagnon is one of the best child actors out there. This film deserves every award going, well, I think at least. I suppose I can't mention Looper and not talk bout dear, dear, Emily Blunt. She has a shotgun, an axe and had a kansas accent. There, thats that sorted. And everyone should go see it right now...or at the next given opportunity, seen as how it not in the cinemas for much longer. You have been told.


Long winded huh? To those of you who made it this far, well done. I hope you enjoyed my ranting. I just feel much better when everything I have done is written down...I'm sentimental like that you see, I have to remember all I can. If I suddenly remember something in the middle of the night, it will no doubt be in another blog tomorrow, but I highly doubt that. Well, its been nice typing this up, what is else is one meant to do when they are trying to avoid coursework?

Until we meet again,

El x

Credo quia absurdum.

Translated, somewhat loosely I believe, as 'I believe in it because it is absurd'

I start college again on wednesday, for my second year. I don't know how to feel about it, if I'm perfectly honest. The sumer holidays have flown by, even though I have done little else than watch lots of films (Or, rather, the same films lots of times) The current popular choice is the newly released Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but of course The Young Victoria and one of the 3 DVD's in my Horrible Histories box set are still played regularly. A lot of the films I watch are because of Emily Blunt. I want to be her...that is all. Its bizzare, knowing that you're in the second year of college, with, what? 11? 12? years of education behind you. Given some of my AS results, this year is all about studying, which I will admit there wasn't much of in the first year. I'm enrolled for A2 Performing Arts and Geology (Given the fact I got a U in Physics) and I have picked up AS History, something I should have done from the start. I'm rather determined to get good grades in the next year, and I'm not exactly sure of which road to go down in the future. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But if I'm perfectly honest, I still want to be an actress and performer, I can't see myself doing anything else. I love science, and history, don't get me wrong, but surely the thing I want to do most is the thing that makes me the most happy. If thats the case, I really can't do anything else. Its odd, I keep changing my mind, I keep having all these regrets about my early youth, about how I didn't take up ballet, or gymnastics etc. Most people ask my why I didn't do that too, well, the truth is I wasn't interested in that stuff when I was younger, I spent most of my time with my dad, going to museums and looking round abandoned war defences, like pillboxes etc. And when I went on holiday anywhere, It had to be near a museum or a castle, but it was the best fun ever. I guess I just took a little longer to adopt a more stereotypical female way of life. Now I've reached 17, I wish I did dance, and do all those things from a young age. So if you're ever wondering why I didn't do those things, thats why, I wasn't interested when I was younger, but now I am, and I'm stuck, cause I don't know how to get there. I keep telling myself I should adopt some phrases and try to live by them, and heres a few I've chosen;

1. If you never try, you'll never know.
2. Credo quia absurdum.
3. I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.
4. Without faith there is no hope, without hope there is no love.

Thats why I called this blog what I did. I realised that most things must have sounded absurd at some point, like to the Victorians, the idea of space travel or putting a man on the moon would've probably sounded bizzare, or the idea of building massive pyramids of stone must've sounded absurd. So I decided that great things must've come from absurdity...I know, deep right? Its just something I had to say, if only for the benefit of me.

In other news;

I have another driving lesson tomorrow, and I'm already nervous about it. I always am. Its something about the fear of getting told of (Yes, still don't like being told off at 17) If I do something wrong. I keep stalling, which I guess is perfectly normal when you're learning to drive. My instructor makes me nervous, but I'm sure thats not her, I would be nervous regaurdless of who's teaching me to drive! I don't like being watched when I do something, and with driving, thats pretty much what happens constantly. Sometimes, I would just love to not be nervous about anything, I'm sure it would make everything so much more simple. Anyway, writing things like this helps with the nerves, its like someone I can talk to without the fear of being judged.

So, thats the only real news I can think of, I suppose I'll just get back to watching Salmon Fishing, its a good film, if you ever get the chance, I know what you're all thinking, how can a film about salmon fishing be any good, but its a really good British comedy film, and a good old British romantic film at that.

Ooo! Speaking of British things! I can't post this without mentioning the Olympic games. How much did it make you proud to be british?! Not only did we put on one hell of a show for both the opening and closing ceremonies (You know me, one mention of the Victorian era or the Industrial revolution and I'm there!) but all of Team GB did the entire nation proud! Oh, and 3 words, Tom. Daley. Speedos. I feel thats all I need to say on that matter ;) The Paralympics are on at the moment and are equally amazing and all of Paralympics GB are incredible!

I think that'll do, the panic about tomorrow and wednesday is already rising again. I might just go get a chewy rescue remedy sweet. Yep, they make those now.

I believe because it is absurd.

El x

I will leave you with this bit of mush from SFITY :) ENJOY!

O then belike, you fancy riches more.

Two blogs in one day, I am doing well!

This one is for my beautiful ginger of a friend.

   So, I said in my previous blog that I was recently in my college's production of Taming of the Shrew, and I was instructed to write about it. I guess it was pretty much a snowball effect from the point of audition. I don't really remember the audition in all fairness or even what day it was on, it was sort of a last minute decision as I convinced myself that I wouldn't audition for it. So after perfoming arts (the actual A level I'm taking) it was the auditions. I went along and felt like my usual awkward self, again like I don't fit in with the acting types. We did scenes in groups I recall, and I survived it without too much embaressment. Technically I missed the audition, and the first one I wne to was a workshop, but still it worked. We met the next week to be given roles in both Shrew and another Production of The Merchant of Venice that we were running at the same time. I was pretty shocked to find I even had a role and not just an extra, which really gave me a confidence boost (but people who know me will know doesn't last for long) and I was given the role of 'Widow' who has, in our cut version, around 2/3 lines, which is more than I usually have. The cast kept meeting every friday lunch to start rehearsals and read throughs and it was all going smoothly. And then the strangest thing happened to me on Friday, 2nd of March...my 17th birthday.

   At rehearsal, we were told that the girl playing Katharina in Shrew couldn't play the role anymore and that we needed a new Kate, so I presumed that there would be another audition or it would be given to another girl who really wanted that role to begin with. It was at the point that I was told that they wanted to 'upgrade' my part from Widow to Katharina. I was completely dumbstruck, and as usual I panicked, and said 'Oh please don't' and almost lost the best role I've ever been given. It wasn't really until Hannah and Alex said that I should do it that I thought I was capable. So I took it. I had gone from a minor part to the main part...on my birthday! I didn't really know what to do with myself! So I did what I normally do, I told my mum. Yep, thats right, I went out to ring my mum and told her, and naturally she was so pleased and proud of me (As my mum tells me she usually is) I didn't really know how to feel about being given the part when I didn't get it in the first place, but then again he picked me out of everyone, so I was extatic if I'm honest. The next few months went like a blur. Every friday we would meet and rehearse, mainly in the classroom and before most of us knew it was the month of the performances. We had all agreed we would run in from the 21st to the 22nd and possibly on the 23rd, and we would run Merchant after the show (as it was around 40 mins). However by the end of it, we had dropped Merchant completely and were now only doing a one off performance of Shrew on the 21st. Too tell you the truth, not one person in the cast really felt that they were ready to perform the show by the week of the performance, by around the 19th, panic had set in as we had all been signed out of lessons to get through some full day rehearsals and not many people knew their lines. The full day rehearsals were the most important as it was the first time we'd really been able to use the theatre and work out cues and props.

   Basically it was alot of running around, panicking, line learning and going over the same scenes over and over. I certainly didn't feel ready to perform it, but you know the phrase about shows and going on. So I just got on with it and panicked at home, well, I had been panicking since march...and then here it was. The day of the show. I had had NO sleep the night before through what I can only presume is a mixture of sheer terror and adrenaline and I arrived at college at 10 ish for another run through and dress/tech rehearsal. At college I was pretty much greeted with cheery faces and not really much nervousness, but I was trying to hid how nervous I was, and trust me, I WAS nervous. I had brought with me most of my calming tablets, sweets, liquids etc, anything to keep me calm. The tech and dress when pretty quick and trouble free, but as we went over scenes, most of us were fluffing our lines and we had to do it without a Petruchio for the majority as he was off learning the rest of his lines (Which did nothing for my nerves!) My family got there first, and before I could really have time to hyperventilate it was showtime. And shockingly, everything went very smoothy, there was no real cockups and I honestly had a blast doing it, I got a real buzz and I was really proud of myself. I was so scared that I'd mess up, but the adrenaline and the responce from the audience got me through it. I would do it all again if I could, the people who stopped me after the show and said I really did a good job was the first time anyone other than my friends or family, who had ever commented (positively) on my acting and it honestly ment the world to me. So thanks guys.

   So all in all, it was an amazing experience and I loved everything about it. If I could do it every day for the rest of my life I'm pretty sure I'd be a happy person. Everyone in the cast did an amazing job and totally rocked it. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see it, and everyone who supported me! :) Next stop the West End ;)

Lots of love,

El x

Okay, I realise that the last time I blogged was when I came back from the California Dreams Tour back in October. And this blog is actually not to far away from that subject.

Basically, not much has happened since I last uploaded, other than I became obsessed with Horrible Histories, probably taking up AS History next year, saw The Five-Year Engagement (Hilarious!), developed a bit of a girl crush on Emily Blunt, discovered the cinematic wonder that is Wild Target, successfully survived being the main role in Prior's production of The Taming of The Shrew and basically finished my first year at college. That stuff is not really the reason for this blog.

Now, the main reason for this. I have just got in from the Cinemas where I went to go see Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D. What with all the kids still being at school, there was no one in the place and only like 7 people (Me and Alex included) in the screen. So we basically had the place to ourselves. I, obviously, was so excited for this film, as ever since last year, my subtle admiration for the woman rocketed to sky high proportions, and anything which would allow me to relive the feeling that the CDT brought was worth a go. So, I was pretty much prepared for the emotional rollercoaster from the start, and all was fine and dandy. What with it being a 3D film, I expected the usual very little 3D parts, however, mostly all the film was 3D at some point. The Grease sing-a-long at the beginning was and experience as well! The film is, after all, a biopic, so there was lots of backstage clips and videos from Katy's childhood and stuff from when she was starting off (Videos like Katy singing gospel and her first music videos with The Matrix and the video for 'The Box') There were plenty of clips from the CDT, stuff like Teenage Dream, Hot 'n' Cold, Last Friday Night, Peacock, ET, Who Am I Living For?, Not Like The MoviesFirework and California Girls, and videos from behind the scenes shows and the Concert Candy videos (So basically I already knew the words to the film before seeing it!) but there was also clips from Katy's nights out, when she went to see her Grandma (Who is priceless by the way!) and what she gets up to between shows.

And just when things seem to be going well for her, the inevitable happened. The whole thing with her and Russell was evidently going downhill around halfway through, as at the beginning he was there and happy and smiling, and suddenly, he wasn't there and there wasn't much smiling. It was pretty hard stuff to watch for a fan, particularly the concert in Sao Paulo. It seemed like a struggle for Katy to function any more, what with the constant flying and two hour concerts taking their toll. But the part where Tamra (Her PA), manager and sister where trying to get her on stage were pretty excrutiating to watch. I'm not afraid to say I cried when she started sobbing uncontrollably in the make up chair after being given back a necklace that Russell bought her for her birthday and she thought she'd lost. But Katy being the trooper she is, got her self dressed for the show and all seemed well. However, just before she was ment to get on the lift for Teenage Dream, another wave of sobbing hit, and this one was more awful to watch than the previous. As she was ushered into her quick change area, there was a shot of her doubled over, sobbing away, and it was heartrending. But again, she felt the show must go on, and got herself up on that lift, and for the most part looked as if she couldn't keep her eyes open, or stop herself from crying again, yet as the intro for TD finished, there was that moment of relief for the poor fans and she found that bit of strenght needed to place that smile on her face and blow the socks off the biggest croud of the tour. Just when you thought you could start to dry your eyes, theres that one moment in the interview where the interviewer asks wether she still misses Russell, and she can't stop the tears as she replies 'yes'. However, she can muster a smile and a joke at her sisters wedding dress fitting.

Basically, Katy Perry is an incredible woman, who dedicates herself completely to her art, fans, friends and family, and well achieves her dream of 'Making people smile' when she performs. I'm aware people will think quite the opposite of her, but to keep going through being dropped by numerous record labels, being pushed and pulled by the press and heartbreak, i think she's remarkable and as much an inspiration to me as she always was. Safe to say Kerry Ellis and Katy are probably the biggest inspirations to me (And possibly even Emily Blunt!) and they are all amazing women who are brilliant at what they do.

So there it is. My blog about KP3D, and what I thought of it. It really made me more determined in my own life, and I really want the same as Katy. To me its not about the money, or the fame, or the nice clothes/car/house, its about making people happy, and giving them an escape if they can't find one. I have always loved being on stage, and I am hardly the most confident of people, and there is a feeling that I can't do it that will never leave me and never goes away. Infact, I have been close to giving up more times than I can count, as previous posts in this blog show, but I guess I can't see myself doing anything else. I wish I could say what I wanted to do in the future, but I will always want to perform, no matter what I end up doing.

You don't know if you don't try.

Anyway, long winded I know, but I had to get it out of my system some how, I don't have many people I can buzz like this too who don't get sick of the sight of me halfway through. If you read all of this, well done...brownie points for you. 

I will leave you with this gem from one of the CDT shows in Aberdeen i do believe. Cheers to who ever recorded this, hope you don't mind me using it :)

I bid you adieu.

El x



Damn straight.

I went to the California Dreams Tour! :)

Newcastle Dreams... 

What can I say about it? Other than it was AMAZING! We were armed with money and Glowsticks, we were well prepared! Katy Perry certainly knows how to put on a show! EVERY SINGLE MINUTE WAS EPIC! Oh Land was great and so was DJ Skeet Skeet! (We party rock...NOW THROW YOUR FREAKIN' HANDS UP!) I really am lost for words at how brilliant it was! Who ever said Katy can't sing live, you're sooooooo wrong...go see this show! (Better hurry though, only a few more shows in the UK and then the last leg back over in the USA) Honestly, she will blow your mind! From the minute me and Alex walked into the Arena to find our seats, we knew it would be an amazing show, cause the whole arena smelt of Candyfloss!  (O_o It smelt so nice!) I guess it was a bit surreal to be in the same building and only a few metres away from THE actual Katy Perry too :') From the second it kicked in with 'Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a girl named Katy, who's life was terribly grey' < Oh yes, I've done my research, and then Teenage Dream, it completely scrambled my head, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, sing, shut up, stand up, sit down...it was unreal. Shame we weren't in range of the Squirty Cream/Foam (I don't actually know what it was, thats just two things I've heard it was) cannon, gun, thing or the confetti cannon, I'm a sucker for glittery paper! :')  

I recorded as much of it as I could. Favourite parts were Peacock, Circle the Drain, Not Like The Movies, The One That Got Away (ft. Someone Like You), Thinking Of You, Hot N Cold, Firework and California Gurls (Okay, face it, my favourite part was all of it) Katy is amazing and really funny, especially when talking about Facebook stalking - "I've got Facebook and I have nearly 30 million friends...so booya!" - beans on toast and 'Off' term (It took a bit to tell her it was half term :P) Even the curtain problem was mildly amusing, as the great chant of 'KATY, KATY, KATY' began :P I came back with headache, no voice and leg ache but it was TOTALLY worth it. I may have spent a fair bit on merchandise, but you only live once! Shame most of my photos came out blurry, but the videos are good quality...not so much picture wise but sound wise! :D

See I really don't know what to say about it! If I can think of anything else, I'll edit it! Keep an eye out!  Also sorry if this made little sence, but it is 1.11 in the morning (it could be 12.11, the clocks go back tonight!) and sadly its my last day of HALF term - Haha! - before College kicks in again! But I hope you enjoyed my little trip through Candyfornia with Katy and Kitty Purry :)

El x


I have GCSE's!

Me? Really?

I don't feel old enough!

But apparently I am. As you may or may not be aware, Thursday was GCSE results day over here in the UK :) So at 9 in  the morning (I KNOW! In the holidays!) I got up, got dressed and sorted and waited for 10 am to hurry up! I can honestly say I have never seen time go slower! It was weird and oddly nervewracking! So we got to school! Went in, signed for my results and opened the envelope! :)
I got...
Combined Science - A
Physics - B
Chemistry - B
Biology - B
English Lit - B
English Language - B
RE - B
Geography - C
Maths - C
Statistics - C
Graphics - Pass
ICT - Pass
Prep for Working Life - Pass

Really pleased, a bit disapointed I didn't get an A* in anything or an A in Physics but oh well! 11 years of Education and I have 12 GCSE's to show for it :) A levels next! Speaking of A levels! College enrollment on Tuesday, tomorrow I MUST decide on what courses to take.

That is all for now :)

OH! I must say...
GOOD LUCK TO KATY PERRY AT TONIGHTS VMA'S! She had the most Nominations with 10...thats something in itself! :) I would have voted if it would've let me! :) GO FIREWORK, TEENAGE DREAM, ET AND LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! :) 

Now...THAT is all :)

El x


Yeah yeah, I can hear you all grumbling! Face it, you all missed me! (That is, if there is actually anyone out there reading this!)

Its been over 8 months since I spoke to you last, and everyone else was bringing back the blogs so I thought, why the hell not! :)

A lot has happened since the 8th of January.

I suppose It wouldn't be the same if I didn't mention Musicals somehow, so, in the time I've been away, I've seen a whole...0! I know, its a crime. But! In all fairness, I have since seen Kerry Ellis' Anthems the Concert and the Tour at The Sage, Gateshead :) What an actual stunning concert! I came out of the Royal Albert Hall unable to breathe, think or speak. It was an amazing feeling. Euphoric infact. If i'm perfectly honest, I prefered the Gateshead concert! Not because of the performances, because the were equally breathtaking, but because it felt more intimate (Ooo err, not like that, you know what I mean!) And plus, you left the hall deaf! Really, the vibrations where still echoing round my chest days later! (And i still couldn't hear or speak!) But yes, that was a big thing for me, and a really great night both nights! 

I had my taster day at college. I guess I was slightly unnerved by a few people in Performing Arts, and by how everyone else in Maths seemed to get it, except me. But Physics was great and so was Geography. Now I've only got a few more days to decide on my courses and email the college.

Its results day on the 25th, and a fair few people seem to be nervous. I arent really. I guess I should be, but at the minute I'm thinking 'Whatever happens, happens' I suppose thats a good way to think, I don't want to think I'm going to pass everything and be an A* student, because I know I'm not, but I think my new optomistic attitude is a good thing! :) I can't quite believe how quick my school life has gone. They really weren't kidding when the said that Year 11 would fly by! It really did! I never have to take another GCSE ever again! A levels now! :')

By! This is dragging on isn't it! I was supposed to be talking about the new me! Except I've ended up talking about the same old crap I always did. Still...
I have developed a hell of a lot of respect for Katy Perry! So much so, that I have been listening to lots of her songs, have both her albums and could possibly be going to see her in October with Alex! But I think she's a really talented person and performer, shown off particularly by her performances on MTV Unplugged :) One song of hers called 'Brick By Brick' is a really beautifully written and performed song, check it out if you can! :) The lovely Miss Perry (Or Mrs Brand...Whatever) is turning out to be quite the inspiration to me! So, with my new found musical inspiration (Katy) and the old ones! (Kerry) I have decided to really start going for it when it comes to learning guitar! I managed to play a Chord today! Only one, and I haven't a clue what it was, but I played it! (After about half an hour of trying to tune my guitar that is!) And I'm gonna look into getting some lessons, probably from my cousin! Looking for someone to come with me though, so if I cock it up I have someone there to laugh with!  OOO! I went to go see the Smurfs too! I loved it, I don't care that It was a kids film and I'm 16, I enjoyed myself! :P

Right, I think that will do for now :)

Ooo! Must say, I hear the lovely, wonderful, amazing Mazz Murray rocked her last show at the Dominion last night! Really wish I could have been there! There'll be other times I'm sure! Nice to see Kerry on stage too! :)

Can't promise there'll be more! 

Until the next time! :)

El x

Its a VERY sad day for the West End today.

Sarah Earnshaw's last as Glinda in Wicked...The only remaining original cast member left, been there for 4 years...and what a star! 

Sheridan Smith's last as Elle in Legally Blonde...Original London Elle, from what I hear she is absolutely fantastic (I'm sure she is, she's a brilliant actress)...just wish I could have seen her in the part! Here's hoping she makes a return :) 

And so we come to (In my opinion)  the sadest news of all...

Goodbye Oliver! the Musical at Drury Lane! Absolutely stunning musical, with a fabulous cast, amazing sets and genious songs!  Will definately be missed, I'm really gonna miss walking round Covent Garden glancing every so often at Theatre Royal :) So I REALLY hope you make yet another Revival sometime soon...because I adore you! Everything about you...and it just wont be the same in London with you not there. So to Russ, Griff, Steven, Jodie, Rowan, all the Olivers, all the Dodgers and EVERY member of the ensemble and gang...you will all be missed so much, and long may your careers continue :)

So with Oliver! closing, that ultimately means that current Nancy, Kerry Ellis, is also leaving. But what do I say about a woman who is capeable of reducing an entire theatre to a speechless audience? Only that her run as Nancy has been sensational! I mean, she can get a standing ovation at the end of Act1 (Like her last a Wicked) Imagine the end of tonights show! Words cannot describe the, well, pure love for her and what she does. There is not a performance that I have seen where she haven't been a true Inspiration, and an absolutely mindblowing performer. Her portrayal of Nancy is so true and genuine, its unbelieveable. So lets hope she returns to the West End soon, as it just wont have as much sparkle without her :) And if you EVER read this Kerry...Good luck with Anthems the Concert and the Tour, I'll try and be at both and whatever you do in the future because you really are a total star! :)

Also, good luck to whoever else is leaving shows, or even joining them! Plus to Sarah, Sheridan and the Cast of Oliver! Thank you so much for what you have brought the world and all your fans, you've made each show truely worthwhile and you're all inspirational, good luck in the future :) 


As I type this, they will have just finished their last Matineés...have fun and break a leg for tonights show guys! x

El x

Just thought I'd say, seen as how I might not get the chance...


Here's hoping 2011 will be better than 2010!

El x

Dec. 19th, 2010

So. I've finished school for 2010, and had my last ever christmas dinner AND christmas at school.  Just thought I'd mention it :)

Ohh I've also developed a bit of a thing for Alfie Boe, especially when he sings Bring Him Home <3 :)

That is all,

El x

Ohh and by the way...MERRY CHRISTMAS!