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Its a VERY sad day for the West End today.

Sarah Earnshaw's last as Glinda in Wicked...The only remaining original cast member left, been there for 4 years...and what a star! 

Sheridan Smith's last as Elle in Legally Blonde...Original London Elle, from what I hear she is absolutely fantastic (I'm sure she is, she's a brilliant actress)...just wish I could have seen her in the part! Here's hoping she makes a return :) 

And so we come to (In my opinion)  the sadest news of all...

Goodbye Oliver! the Musical at Drury Lane! Absolutely stunning musical, with a fabulous cast, amazing sets and genious songs!  Will definately be missed, I'm really gonna miss walking round Covent Garden glancing every so often at Theatre Royal :) So I REALLY hope you make yet another Revival sometime soon...because I adore you! Everything about you...and it just wont be the same in London with you not there. So to Russ, Griff, Steven, Jodie, Rowan, all the Olivers, all the Dodgers and EVERY member of the ensemble and gang...you will all be missed so much, and long may your careers continue :)

So with Oliver! closing, that ultimately means that current Nancy, Kerry Ellis, is also leaving. But what do I say about a woman who is capeable of reducing an entire theatre to a speechless audience? Only that her run as Nancy has been sensational! I mean, she can get a standing ovation at the end of Act1 (Like her last a Wicked) Imagine the end of tonights show! Words cannot describe the, well, pure love for her and what she does. There is not a performance that I have seen where she haven't been a true Inspiration, and an absolutely mindblowing performer. Her portrayal of Nancy is so true and genuine, its unbelieveable. So lets hope she returns to the West End soon, as it just wont have as much sparkle without her :) And if you EVER read this Kerry...Good luck with Anthems the Concert and the Tour, I'll try and be at both and whatever you do in the future because you really are a total star! :)

Also, good luck to whoever else is leaving shows, or even joining them! Plus to Sarah, Sheridan and the Cast of Oliver! Thank you so much for what you have brought the world and all your fans, you've made each show truely worthwhile and you're all inspirational, good luck in the future :) 


As I type this, they will have just finished their last Matineés...have fun and break a leg for tonights show guys! x

El x



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