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Yeah yeah, I can hear you all grumbling! Face it, you all missed me! (That is, if there is actually anyone out there reading this!)

Its been over 8 months since I spoke to you last, and everyone else was bringing back the blogs so I thought, why the hell not! :)

A lot has happened since the 8th of January.

I suppose It wouldn't be the same if I didn't mention Musicals somehow, so, in the time I've been away, I've seen a whole...0! I know, its a crime. But! In all fairness, I have since seen Kerry Ellis' Anthems the Concert and the Tour at The Sage, Gateshead :) What an actual stunning concert! I came out of the Royal Albert Hall unable to breathe, think or speak. It was an amazing feeling. Euphoric infact. If i'm perfectly honest, I prefered the Gateshead concert! Not because of the performances, because the were equally breathtaking, but because it felt more intimate (Ooo err, not like that, you know what I mean!) And plus, you left the hall deaf! Really, the vibrations where still echoing round my chest days later! (And i still couldn't hear or speak!) But yes, that was a big thing for me, and a really great night both nights! 

I had my taster day at college. I guess I was slightly unnerved by a few people in Performing Arts, and by how everyone else in Maths seemed to get it, except me. But Physics was great and so was Geography. Now I've only got a few more days to decide on my courses and email the college.

Its results day on the 25th, and a fair few people seem to be nervous. I arent really. I guess I should be, but at the minute I'm thinking 'Whatever happens, happens' I suppose thats a good way to think, I don't want to think I'm going to pass everything and be an A* student, because I know I'm not, but I think my new optomistic attitude is a good thing! :) I can't quite believe how quick my school life has gone. They really weren't kidding when the said that Year 11 would fly by! It really did! I never have to take another GCSE ever again! A levels now! :')

By! This is dragging on isn't it! I was supposed to be talking about the new me! Except I've ended up talking about the same old crap I always did. Still...
I have developed a hell of a lot of respect for Katy Perry! So much so, that I have been listening to lots of her songs, have both her albums and could possibly be going to see her in October with Alex! But I think she's a really talented person and performer, shown off particularly by her performances on MTV Unplugged :) One song of hers called 'Brick By Brick' is a really beautifully written and performed song, check it out if you can! :) The lovely Miss Perry (Or Mrs Brand...Whatever) is turning out to be quite the inspiration to me! So, with my new found musical inspiration (Katy) and the old ones! (Kerry) I have decided to really start going for it when it comes to learning guitar! I managed to play a Chord today! Only one, and I haven't a clue what it was, but I played it! (After about half an hour of trying to tune my guitar that is!) And I'm gonna look into getting some lessons, probably from my cousin! Looking for someone to come with me though, so if I cock it up I have someone there to laugh with!  OOO! I went to go see the Smurfs too! I loved it, I don't care that It was a kids film and I'm 16, I enjoyed myself! :P

Right, I think that will do for now :)

Ooo! Must say, I hear the lovely, wonderful, amazing Mazz Murray rocked her last show at the Dominion last night! Really wish I could have been there! There'll be other times I'm sure! Nice to see Kerry on stage too! :)

Can't promise there'll be more! 

Until the next time! :)

El x


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Aug. 21st, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
I've missed your blog! Please keep it up :D
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