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Damn straight.

I went to the California Dreams Tour! :)

Newcastle Dreams... 

What can I say about it? Other than it was AMAZING! We were armed with money and Glowsticks, we were well prepared! Katy Perry certainly knows how to put on a show! EVERY SINGLE MINUTE WAS EPIC! Oh Land was great and so was DJ Skeet Skeet! (We party rock...NOW THROW YOUR FREAKIN' HANDS UP!) I really am lost for words at how brilliant it was! Who ever said Katy can't sing live, you're sooooooo wrong...go see this show! (Better hurry though, only a few more shows in the UK and then the last leg back over in the USA) Honestly, she will blow your mind! From the minute me and Alex walked into the Arena to find our seats, we knew it would be an amazing show, cause the whole arena smelt of Candyfloss!  (O_o It smelt so nice!) I guess it was a bit surreal to be in the same building and only a few metres away from THE actual Katy Perry too :') From the second it kicked in with 'Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a girl named Katy, who's life was terribly grey' < Oh yes, I've done my research, and then Teenage Dream, it completely scrambled my head, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, sing, shut up, stand up, sit down...it was unreal. Shame we weren't in range of the Squirty Cream/Foam (I don't actually know what it was, thats just two things I've heard it was) cannon, gun, thing or the confetti cannon, I'm a sucker for glittery paper! :')  

I recorded as much of it as I could. Favourite parts were Peacock, Circle the Drain, Not Like The Movies, The One That Got Away (ft. Someone Like You), Thinking Of You, Hot N Cold, Firework and California Gurls (Okay, face it, my favourite part was all of it) Katy is amazing and really funny, especially when talking about Facebook stalking - "I've got Facebook and I have nearly 30 million friends...so booya!" - beans on toast and 'Off' term (It took a bit to tell her it was half term :P) Even the curtain problem was mildly amusing, as the great chant of 'KATY, KATY, KATY' began :P I came back with headache, no voice and leg ache but it was TOTALLY worth it. I may have spent a fair bit on merchandise, but you only live once! Shame most of my photos came out blurry, but the videos are good quality...not so much picture wise but sound wise! :D

See I really don't know what to say about it! If I can think of anything else, I'll edit it! Keep an eye out!  Also sorry if this made little sence, but it is 1.11 in the morning (it could be 12.11, the clocks go back tonight!) and sadly its my last day of HALF term - Haha! - before College kicks in again! But I hope you enjoyed my little trip through Candyfornia with Katy and Kitty Purry :)

El x



Nov. 12th, 2011 01:28 am (UTC)

I want candyfloss to! I haven't had any in years!



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