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O then belike, you fancy riches more.

Two blogs in one day, I am doing well!

This one is for my beautiful ginger of a friend.

   So, I said in my previous blog that I was recently in my college's production of Taming of the Shrew, and I was instructed to write about it. I guess it was pretty much a snowball effect from the point of audition. I don't really remember the audition in all fairness or even what day it was on, it was sort of a last minute decision as I convinced myself that I wouldn't audition for it. So after perfoming arts (the actual A level I'm taking) it was the auditions. I went along and felt like my usual awkward self, again like I don't fit in with the acting types. We did scenes in groups I recall, and I survived it without too much embaressment. Technically I missed the audition, and the first one I wne to was a workshop, but still it worked. We met the next week to be given roles in both Shrew and another Production of The Merchant of Venice that we were running at the same time. I was pretty shocked to find I even had a role and not just an extra, which really gave me a confidence boost (but people who know me will know doesn't last for long) and I was given the role of 'Widow' who has, in our cut version, around 2/3 lines, which is more than I usually have. The cast kept meeting every friday lunch to start rehearsals and read throughs and it was all going smoothly. And then the strangest thing happened to me on Friday, 2nd of March...my 17th birthday.

   At rehearsal, we were told that the girl playing Katharina in Shrew couldn't play the role anymore and that we needed a new Kate, so I presumed that there would be another audition or it would be given to another girl who really wanted that role to begin with. It was at the point that I was told that they wanted to 'upgrade' my part from Widow to Katharina. I was completely dumbstruck, and as usual I panicked, and said 'Oh please don't' and almost lost the best role I've ever been given. It wasn't really until Hannah and Alex said that I should do it that I thought I was capable. So I took it. I had gone from a minor part to the main part...on my birthday! I didn't really know what to do with myself! So I did what I normally do, I told my mum. Yep, thats right, I went out to ring my mum and told her, and naturally she was so pleased and proud of me (As my mum tells me she usually is) I didn't really know how to feel about being given the part when I didn't get it in the first place, but then again he picked me out of everyone, so I was extatic if I'm honest. The next few months went like a blur. Every friday we would meet and rehearse, mainly in the classroom and before most of us knew it was the month of the performances. We had all agreed we would run in from the 21st to the 22nd and possibly on the 23rd, and we would run Merchant after the show (as it was around 40 mins). However by the end of it, we had dropped Merchant completely and were now only doing a one off performance of Shrew on the 21st. Too tell you the truth, not one person in the cast really felt that they were ready to perform the show by the week of the performance, by around the 19th, panic had set in as we had all been signed out of lessons to get through some full day rehearsals and not many people knew their lines. The full day rehearsals were the most important as it was the first time we'd really been able to use the theatre and work out cues and props.

   Basically it was alot of running around, panicking, line learning and going over the same scenes over and over. I certainly didn't feel ready to perform it, but you know the phrase about shows and going on. So I just got on with it and panicked at home, well, I had been panicking since march...and then here it was. The day of the show. I had had NO sleep the night before through what I can only presume is a mixture of sheer terror and adrenaline and I arrived at college at 10 ish for another run through and dress/tech rehearsal. At college I was pretty much greeted with cheery faces and not really much nervousness, but I was trying to hid how nervous I was, and trust me, I WAS nervous. I had brought with me most of my calming tablets, sweets, liquids etc, anything to keep me calm. The tech and dress when pretty quick and trouble free, but as we went over scenes, most of us were fluffing our lines and we had to do it without a Petruchio for the majority as he was off learning the rest of his lines (Which did nothing for my nerves!) My family got there first, and before I could really have time to hyperventilate it was showtime. And shockingly, everything went very smoothy, there was no real cockups and I honestly had a blast doing it, I got a real buzz and I was really proud of myself. I was so scared that I'd mess up, but the adrenaline and the responce from the audience got me through it. I would do it all again if I could, the people who stopped me after the show and said I really did a good job was the first time anyone other than my friends or family, who had ever commented (positively) on my acting and it honestly ment the world to me. So thanks guys.

   So all in all, it was an amazing experience and I loved everything about it. If I could do it every day for the rest of my life I'm pretty sure I'd be a happy person. Everyone in the cast did an amazing job and totally rocked it. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see it, and everyone who supported me! :) Next stop the West End ;)

Lots of love,

El x


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Jul. 10th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
WE'RE JUST HAVING A GOOD TIME! You rocked it!!! :D
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