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Even a palace can be a prison.

The amount of time that has elapsed between this and my last blog just proves how shit I am at blogging. I still felt it necessary to document the (less than) interesting events that have occured in my life recently. So here goes nothing.

College's musical this year is We Will Rock You. And I'm playing Meatloaf. Buzz. I'm sharing the part with my friend Alex, and its going to be awesome! No-one But You is killing me, as are the dances, this could be accounted to the lack of grace that I possess (The phrase 'Enter fairy tripping lightly' Springs to mind) But I'm coping, at least I like to think I am. I've never sung infront of an audience before, so that should be an experience, hopefully one I remember for good reasons! And lets be honest, what could I enjoy more than getting to pretend to be like Kerry Ellis for a few hours?!

Another pretty big thing that happened recently (Like last weekend) is that I went to London! (Again!) It was brilliant. It wasn't just me and my mum this time, my Nanna and Grandad came with us :) We had a bit of a debacle with the room key, by which I mean it wouldn't work...for two nights, and there was a bit of a do over the show tickets, but other than that it went pretty swimmingly. So, we went round the usual landmarks, Leicester Square (where we got the tickets for Les Mis on the second day, after we'd tried on the first!), Trafalgar Square, were some bright spark managed to organise a NFL fan rally on the day we were there, and up round The Shard for a look. Les Mis was INCREDIBLE. I don't think I stopped crying from start to finish. Such amazing talents and of course the songs are just beautiful in their own right. The whole thing was just so awe inspiring. And we went to Kensington Palace. A place I had been wanting to visit ever since the obsession with The Young Victoria. It had just been re-opened after a £12 million? pound renovation (Some of which was donated by Emily Blunt and Dame Judi Dench, according to the guide book) and it is a really beautiful place. They, at the minute, have a temporary Princess Diana exhibition on, its only small, but it has a few of her dresses and the original designs in and it was a lovely exhibition to walk round, as was the small 'Diamond Jubilee: A view from the crowd' exhibition. The rest of the palace (which is open to the public, after all, it is still and official royal residence to royals like Prince William and Kate) is split into the King's state rooms and the Queens State rooms. They are pretty much the same as they were in the 1700's, but with a few small modern exhibits thown in and are right up my street. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a good museum (I know! You wouldn't believe that I was nearly 18!) especially one which has a connection to Queen Victoria! And what has more connections to Queen Victoria than Kensington Palace? (Exept maybe Osbourne House) So I really enjoyed my look round there, but the main highlight of my trip was the Victoria Revealed exhibition. To enter the exhibition you had to climb the actual staircase where Princess Victoria met Prince Albert for the first time, and then the actual exhibit started through the big double doors into the Red Saloon (Where she held her first privy council meeting after her accession...you're all so entertained by this information, I can tell.) I was honestly like a kid in a candy shop. I must have spent 3 hours in 5 rooms! I could've spent all day there! There was 3 or 4 of her dresses, including the mourning dress she wore on her accession, her wedding dress (and a replica of the field marshal uniform Albert wore) and a mourning dress she wore when Albert died. There were also a few of the famous dolls in the nursery, as well as some of her childrens clothes. As well as that there were a few of her drawings dotted about, which were amazing to see in the flesh, as i'd only seen them on the internet. It really makes you think about what It would've been like to have grown up in a palace like that, but always wishing you were somewhere else. Especially considering the rules of the Kensington System. All in all, if you get the chance, go an see it, even if you just go see Kensington Palace, I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only did we visit KP, we also decided to go to the Hollywood costume exhibition at the V&A museum. It opened late on a friday, and its a strange feeling to be in a museum at 10 at night. The hollywood costume exhibition is also amazing! There were so many costumes that all looked so intricate (Especially those belonging to actresses who have played Elizabeth I) And I loved the Titanic and Pirates of the Carribean costumes. But the highlight of that had to be Judy Garland's Dorothy Dress and Ruby Slippers. Absolutely in love with them. So amazing! That was pretty much the extent of my London trip. We didn't do much more than we usually do, went round all the sights, saw a show, visited museums, that sort of thing...

I feel like none of that made much sense, and I'm probably right, but I get carried away with these things :')

One last thing (Hooray I hear you shout) I have become obsessed with yet another film. And this film once again contains Emily Blunt. However, thats not the reason I am in love with the film in question. I take it most of you (if there is infact anyone reading this) are aware of a Sci-Fi Thriller by the name of Looper. Well, if you're not, you should be. IT. IS. AMAZING. A total mindfuck, but amazing. I love Sci-Fi, I'm not gonna lie. And a film about time travelling assasins is right up my street. I have seen it twice at the cinema, and I would kill to see it again. The brilliant acting from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Bluntaaay :') and the others just made this film incredible! But of course one little 5 year old stole the show. With possibly some of the scariest tantrums ever (But so awesome at the same time) Peirce Gagnon is one of the best child actors out there. This film deserves every award going, well, I think at least. I suppose I can't mention Looper and not talk bout dear, dear, Emily Blunt. She has a shotgun, an axe and had a kansas accent. There, thats that sorted. And everyone should go see it right now...or at the next given opportunity, seen as how it not in the cinemas for much longer. You have been told.


Long winded huh? To those of you who made it this far, well done. I hope you enjoyed my ranting. I just feel much better when everything I have done is written down...I'm sentimental like that you see, I have to remember all I can. If I suddenly remember something in the middle of the night, it will no doubt be in another blog tomorrow, but I highly doubt that. Well, its been nice typing this up, what is else is one meant to do when they are trying to avoid coursework?

Until we meet again,

El x



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