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The Sunday blog...finally

Sorry about the wait...ahaha I'm apologising like somebody cares :')

This may be difficult as I currently have two fingers (On my right hand) strapped together and its quite difficult to type.


We got up (Obv) and got out of our hotel room, took the cases back to the place in Kings Cross and left them there. So we walked up to St. Pancras and tried to find the Olympic shop for Alex, where we succeeded :P After looking we got on a bus and went round in circles for a bit (We were going to either Oxford St. or Tottenham Ct. Rd. whichever came first, but we just went round and round :') So after passing our hotel a few times, we decided to get off and get the tube to Tottenham Ct. Rd. (Every time I see the platform and station I can't help but think of We Will Rock You...and thats not because the Dom is directly above it, just cause its set in the station...yeah, you probably already knew that. Aye, so getting up to street level, I had to take some pictures of the Theatre obv, but thats only because I adore it and the show it holds. After my photo sesh with the Dom, we walked along the road (FINALLY found the Stage Door) and down to the British Museum. We ditched the shopping Idea cause my mum wanted to see the Ancient Egyptian exhibition so I thought that after making her fork out nearly full price for seats in Oliver! that its the least I could do. I actually wanted to see it aswell, so yeah. Me and my Mum wandered round the museum til we were allowed into the exhibition. So after we'd walked around, i'd developed backache and my mother had pointed out a fair few 'nobs on statues' we were let into the exhibition. It was brilliant and fairly interesting...but not much else to say about it than that...we left, we walked back to the tube, got to Kings Cross, got our case, went to the olympic shop and got some food from Marks and Sparks and finally got on the train home, with my lovely signed picture and memories of my last trip to London town in 2010...BUT I'LL BE BACK FOR GOOD SOMEDAY, TO MAKE MY LIFE AND MAKE MY WAY!

Moving on from London, yeah, the snow is starting to melt, err, Anthems : The Concert at the RAH on the 1st of May 2011 was announced (Its a year on from NO1000V and this year its in place of it...want more info, well I can't really be bothered typing it as my finger is now throbbing, so look here...http://www.kerryellisweb.co.uk/news/2010/101202-anthems-concert.html) and I have tickets for christmas, sat 2 seats up from last time on the same row at the same side, so i'm gonna be chillin' with the creepy weirdo bizzare lesbian fans that will probably be there :') Err, she's yet to announce tour dates, the Rock You tour has started in Manchester, errrr, I had another day off school on wednesday...there is probably something else to mention but I can't remember right now, this will do for now methinks :) 

In a bit meharties!

El x 

Ahahaaaa looooook! 'tis me and Kerry! IN DAYLIGHT!

Just thought I'd leave you with that :') 

Too much love will kill you in the end...

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything, I just fancied a bit of Queen in there :P

Right! So, Oliver!
We got there early (as usual, well, the last time and to Rock You I have been :D) and I got my programme. Me and My mum smuggled some water and eclairs in...now I know what you're thinking...what a rebel...yeah...that means I fit right in with the Rock You crowd :D Still. Seats N35 & 36, which is a row behind where I was last time, but as far over to the lefthand side as you can be (If you're facing the stage) Yet still an amazing view. So once again great show, favourite parts: Steven gets all the jewellery out and produces the engagement ring, to which Russ says 'Ohh...WILLIAM! You took your time' (Man I love in-jokes :P), Russ' 'Lord and Lady GaGa', Little Nipper...Anything Kerry of course, but in particular the way she cuddles the lad; probably Steven Hartley...as he makes a terrifying Bill Sikes (I'm fifteen and jeez he scared me :P) Kerry in It's A Fine Life...Ohh, she just never fails to blow me away, one of the West End's Finest. Urr, I'd Do Anything was amazing as always, Kerry really bonds with the Kids and it looks so real :) Yeah...Great first act and the second one was brilliant. Oom Pah Pah, what can I say...amazing as usual. All I'll say is that they could do with turning Nancy's Mic up, she's a tad drowned out by the ensemble. Moving on. Err, yeah, My Name once again was scary, and I noticed a few things I never noticed before during that song :) As Long As He Needs Me was just stunning again, a really Iconic song sung by such a mindblowing singer. And yeah, basically pretty much the same as the last show (Obviously not exactly the same, no two shows are the same) ALAHNM Reprise and Nancy's death always get me, two amazingly emotional parts of Oliver!
So yeah, I didn't stagedoor it after the show as I had already done it before the matinee. We had a bit of fiasco with the tickets however. I always keep them as a sort of keepsake of the shows i've seen, but the fell out of the programme, so I got a bit upset (Gimmie a break! I'd been up since half 4 and I went to sleep only 2 hours before that!) My mum then took me back, from the platform of the piccadilly line Kings Cross tube, back to Covent Garden to look round the tube station, on the street leading to the market, around the market, back up to the theatre, all in search of some tickets and little slip thing with the cast members on it who had changed. We didn't find them, however on the whole route back to the hotel and before we went to sleep she spent the whole night appologising :S Still. Thats basically it, If I can think of anything to add to this I'm sure I will :)

A short (Hopefully) Sunday chapter next :) 

On a different note, Kerry annouced a tour on Twitter! (Ohh and congrats if you really are engaged :)) So happy, can't wait for the tickets and venues to be announced, I'll be there with my money :) And there is SO MUCH SNOW! I live up north, so there is about 6 inch of it on my shed roof, its snowed for a few days solid now, I've been off school for a couple of days :) But its all good...

El x

Last week. On Tuesday my team of Heroes went to a primary school to train the year 5's and 6's of that school on how to be a Hero. They then had to to a hero day with year 1's and 2's. It was hectic but brilliant. We did so well, and I got my teacher voice out :P Ohh I really enjoyed it and there was a great sence of acheivement :D
Friday was Children In Need. Ohh Priscilla, Dirty Dancing and Phantom were the musicals. John Owen Jones sang Music of the Night and I nearly died. It was beautiful. It was a great night :) Helen Skelton from Blue Peter did the dancing on Dirty Dancing's performance and she was great aswell :D

So. Saturday...Up at 4:30 ish. Got the train from Darlo to Kings Cross. And started my London journey. We dropped our case (Now called Bernard) off at the luggage bit of Kings Cross and then went for Travelcards. We borded the Picadilly line to Covent Garden. After we got there we sort of wandered round, I bought a ring :') Its totes sliver :P Yeah. I wanted to go up to the theatre to see if Kerry was there before we got tickets, so we went up there and looked at the cast board inside the foyer. Then to double check my mum asked the ushers, one of which replied 'She should be, she's ment to be performing the Matinee, so I would think so...unless she ends up under a bus.' Well! :P My mum laughed and said 'I hope not, or she'll -points at me- be hurling herself under one!' :') God. So off we trundled to Leicester Sq to TKTS. The queue for that place was like halfway round the park, but we stood in it, only to get to the counter and the man tell me that he could only find tickets for the back of the Circle. Me and mum had a bit of a deflated moment but we didn't give up hope. Strolling up towards Picadilly Circus we holed into a little kiosk thing that we looked in the first time (But settled for back row ¬_¬) and the woman in there rang the Theatre and said she could get £15 off full price tickets for row N. Given that the full price ones we had last time were row M we went for those. After that I wanted to go back to Stage Door it. We did so and all the little lads and lasses of the Workhouse and Gang etc (including the lads that play Oliver and Dodger, were stood outside untill this woman appeared and ushered them in :P Yeah so there we stood for at least half an hour. We were both looking away from the Stage Door, I (Luckily) happened to glance towards it and there she was, one foot in the stage door and about to put her other one in :') So I involutarily shouted, like a man, 'KERRY!'. She swiveled round to face me, and walked over. She made Harem trousers so much cooler :') Bless her with her Kakhi sort of coloured ones, what looked like UGG boots, a grey top and her black leather jacket. I pulled the picture I had out and said, in my politest of voices 'Could you sign this please?' to which se replied 'Of course'. She then stated that she didn't have a pen, at which point i pulled out my newly bought silver marker and handed it too her, then passed her the cardboard backed envolope and said 'You can rest on that'. She said 'Ohh you're a star, you've come prepared!' Ahaa, I just half laughed and smiled. Kerry then asked my name, and wrote the 'Ele-' part before asking if it was 'Eleanor' :P I said 'Yeah, E-L-E-A-N-O-R' . She just said 'Sorry, my brain's not working this morning!' It was half 1 :') So the picture (Its posted in in an earlier blog) is signed with 'Eleanor, Much Love, Kerry x' At that point I was more that a happy bunny. Kerry said 'Ooh, its cold out here.' and me and my mum just nodded (She was wearing fingerless gloves :P) Then I asked for a photo and she said 'Yeah of course' (She clearly likes that reply :D) and yeah. That was it, I said thanks and she disappeared into Stage door and I went round Covent Garden for a bit of shopping. I wanted to go see The Dominon (Bizarre I know) so we got the tube to Tottenham Court Road and shopped in Dorothy Perkins and strolled to find the British Museum. (I finally found the Stage Door for the Dominion!) After that, we went to get some food and picked up Bernard from Kings Cross and went to get ready in the hotel for Oliver!

To be continued...

(Sorry if it makes no sence...lack of sleep and all.)

El x

Not very colourful but it serves a purpose.

Okay...a day later than promised but here it is.

Basically. A company called 'Human Utopia' came into our school to talk to us Year 11's and the Year 10's. They usually work down south and they are trying the north east, so they came to us. Their aim is to bring us out of our shells, and make us more aware of eachother, and suprisingly...it worked ! Well, at least us Y11's are talking to eachother more. I went to two college open evenings and people who would never usually talk to me said hello ! I was so stunned :P But yeah. Tuesday we all did it and it was about feelings and alot of people stood up and explained how it felt to be bullied and stuff (Well done Scazzer...still so proud of you x) So that was a full of experience...there were a lot of tears I can say. Then we had the choice to sit in a chair and say our dreams...I was gonna but i just didn't have the guts.
On thursday, those of us who had taken the 'Heroes Journey' went though training. We had to do pretty much the same thing as on tuesday, only we had partners so we had to talk to people we wouldn't usually talk to. Then we played some games which were quite funny, as people kept walking into eachother :') So after break, we had to stand up, infront of everyone else and say why we wanted to be a hero. THAT was one of the most terrifying things i've ever done. I was near the back end of the people who stood up because it took about half an hour for me to convince my brain to tell my feet to work. I kept getting up then sitting back down. And then all of a sudden I got up, I dunno why I did it i just did :P But yeah, there I was standing up with the rest of them looking at me, so at that point I thought 'Bugger it! I'm up now' and I walked to the front, stared at one point on the back wall and said a few words. When I got back to my seat i was shaking so much it was unbelieveable. So yeah after dinner a load of Year 4 kids came in and we were in groups of 2 or 3, and we had to play the games with them and talk to them about bullying and stuff. But still, after that there was such a feeling of pride and accomplishment it was bizzare. Proud by Heather Small was playing and I sang it loud :D Thats all there is to say about that I think :) 

Yeah, decided on which college to go to. I prefered the look of the first college I went to but the second one all my friends are going to and its closer and I can leave with more A levels. Just need to pick my courses now...I've had proper second thoughts about Performing Arts and at the minute I'm not going to do it, but you know me, that's likely to change soon :) 

Went to Maths Revision today...IN HALF TERM ! Yeah, we kept getting tolded off for talking and laughing...but it was SOOO BORING ! :P 
English on thursday...that may be more fun...it doesn't last as long :') 

I think that is all...Eeee no mention of Kerry yet...Ohhh shame. :P

She's recorded a 'Remix' of Defying Gravity for the Elton John AIDS foundation...I've heard a bit but it just sounds like the old song slowed down with this 'funky beat' put over the top...STILL !

Right in a bit :) 

El x

Congrats Mazz !

I bet he's a lovely little boy :) <3

Yeah...just had to say it :P 

So I'll blog either tomorrow or the day after about the surreal week I've had at school, and the open days for colleges. But I just wanted to send my little message to the amazing Mazz Murray (Yes...I realise she'll probably never see it but you never know...I might work with her one day then I can show her :P) So yes...

That is all for now :D 

El x


This is a random blog...gotta be honest.

Okay, so...my mum just came in my room saying that I should look for hotels and trains to and in London. So we had a look and it was all over a £100. I said to her that it doesn't matter because we can't afford it, and then she comes out with 'I know but I want to take you...' So I asked why and she said 'Because I want to get you what you want, I want to take you to see Kerry again'  The thing is that that upset me. I realised that i've been so selfish, always wanting to go to the Theatre, to watch expensive Musicals in one of the most expensive cities in the country.And my mum doesn't get anything out of it. She says she's fine with it, because she likes to spend time with me, but surely she can't enjoy watching the same show over and over. Seeing Kerry time after time just because I want to. So it would seem I really have already seen Oliver! for the last time...Back in August. So atleast I've seen it twice :)

I have plently of things that could do with changing about me. What I lack is the ability, the confidence and patience. So looks like I'm stuck like this now...Hrrrrm, what to do :/


One of my favourite tops is too big :( Aww. Gonna have to eat some pies to make it fit :P Tis my grey one with the buttons up for those of you who have seen me wear it...

Yeah. I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I haven't really had much to talk about, gotta be honest...

The Apollo Victoria's 80th Anniversary party thing tonight, Kerry and Dianne aren't gonna be there, shame really, but I think we'll let them off, as I'm sure they are both doing something far more important (Dianne especially) ;) Ash, Earnie and Oli are gonna be there anyway, so it should be a good show.
Can't wait to hear Kerry sing As Long As He Needs Me on't radio, she performed it at the Lionel Bart Tribute concert and its being aired on Crimbo eve ! :D

So, just wanted to document the fact that my top is too big and the date :) 

I am quite in the mood to trash my room and scream atm. :/ Not best pleased at the state of it, or at the fact that I have to clean it ! :( 


I can't find a good song to listen to...I don't feel good anyway. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :/

One more day all on my own, one more day with him not caring, what a life I might have known...(8)

El x

I don't know who you are but I...


Yeah, I'm listening to Kerry back in 2003 at the Water Rats :)

As if she donated £1000 to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Apparently she was epic at Heaven or G-A-Y or whatever you want to call it ! I would have gone if I was over 18 and gay :P (Mind you a few straight people went, I heard...Twitter told me) and yes, hearing her sing Defying Gravity, Dangerland, Love It When You Call and Diamonds Are Forever would have been worth looking and feeling strange in that place. Still. Anthems could chart today, In the official UK top 40. The middweek one had it at number 10. And in Morrisons it was 19th on their chart thing :') TBH I went into a state of complete shock when I saw it, I went up the CD aisle, glanced towards the shelf, and there it was, in all its rocky glory, staring at me for £9.99 ! I then proceeded to jump up and down, mentally say 'OMG !' over and over then say 'OMG ! Its Kerry in a shop !' out loud. At that point I began to feel like a proud parent :P

Right, I feel really bad, I honestly haven't a clue why. Just another one of my bizzare feelings. *Sigh* I'm also strangely warm, even though it is quite cold outside. I should have gone on that walk with my dad tbh. I had a moment of happyness today. But that has since depleted to nothing. So here as usual, feeling miserable. 

That is all, except to say...Well done Bex and Sal ! Keep walking. You're doing an amazing thing for a great cause :)

El x

***EDIT*** Okay. She WAS epic last night, just seen some videos! Tbh, she was enjoying Love It When You Call too much, but she was on stage with rather fit (probably gay) topless male dancers, so who wouldn't enjoy it really !? :P

'Fly, Golden Girl...It's your time'

How sweet is that ?! 

Thats how Brian ended the little forward in the Anthems booklet. Really sweet, also her thankyou's :) They are both so lovely.

Yes, as you can probably tell, Anthems came (and was released) today. I got a signed copy from Play.com :D Signed on the front in red marker 'Kerry x 9.10' :) Hand signed aswell, not just like printed on signed. So yes.

My mum was reading the thank you's and Brians message and kept saying 'Awww thats nice :)'  and then she said something like 'It's true though, she doesn't believe how much her fans love her and how good she is.' And I was like, she's so modest though, she won't say that she's brilliant. Then I came upstairs and my mum said 'You're like that.' So I said, 'Like what mam?' and she replied 'Like Kerry, you don't think you're good enough and you don't relealise how much people love you and how much of an influence you have on some people' WELL ! I balled my eyes out. I was like, thats so lovely, and the only reason I think like that is because I don't have any proof that i'm any good, only friends opinions, and tbh, when I sing on my own, I'm nowhere near as good as I would like people to think, Infact I think I have quite a terrible sound to my voice. But still ! 

Anthems apparently is doing very well on the Itunes download chart (Well I was when I last looked) and loads of people turned up for her CD signing at HMV on Oxford St. today :) (I've seen the video, the look of pure pride when she's given a copy of Anthems to pose with :P) But yes, an amazing album. LOVE You Have To Be There, I Can't Be Your Friend, Diamonds Are Forever and I Loved A Butterfly...Great songs, by an sensational singer.

That is all for now.

El x

'Get outta my pub !'

I cried, like hysterically all though Barbara Winsor's last Eastenders.

The speech she gave about how her mum and sister had to leave and her mum told her to look round and remember what she sees, and how that they kept walking, out of one life and into another. Ohh :'(  Completely one of the saddest endings ever, it was so awful how she walked away, turned, looked at the Square and the Vic, then carried on...and that awful sad Eastenders music. I think it was worse that 'SHE'S DEEEEAAAAAAD!' When Danielle died.  God. The hauting voices when she snuck into the pub aswell. Just standing behind the bar one more time with the memories echoing round. So, the Queen of the Vic has gone. SAD TIMES.

And Brian just won the last EVER Big Brother, so thats sad times. Nikki came second. So yes, thats another end of an era. Davina and BB has gone :S  Aww Davina :( They did her a video. I'm crying agian now ! Davina IS Big Brother.

Kerry was on BBC Breakfast again, her and Brian...MAY that is, not like BB Brian Dowling. They played the I'm Not That Girl video, so yes. Its amazing, she is stood on a stage in her Oliviers and NO1000V's dress (the black and silver sequins one) And then it cuts to her walking down the aisle (The aisle in the theatre, not like getting married :')) like singing, then back to her onstage with the microphone, and then back to her running her hand along the seats :') (whilst walking, not like stood there fondling a chair.) Ooo and she was on BBC London (Ahaha I prefer Look North TBH :P) Talking about the proms, well, I say that, she was at the rehearsals OF the proms. And her reaction when Brian said all that LOVELY comment about her :) But yes, the end of quite a few era's today.

That is all I can think of today, my legs are killing me, and I've been traumatised by Eastenders, Big Brother and a mahousive spider.

El x

This blog wasn't very colourful...therefore,

:) :) :) :) :)

***EDIT*** I have more to say :P 

The PROMS tomorrow ! Ohh Kerry. Nothing quite like hearing it live, which, to all of you complaining about me not wanting to miss the proms, is why I don't particularly want to miss it. I would have gone had I the time and money. I was going to try and get tickets because they were £30 and its Hyde Park. But that full orchestra, Brian and Kerry, performing songs from Anthems...Once in a lifetime opportunity. You see, I'm the sentimental type, I printscreen things so that I can look through them when I'm older, I write things down when I do them in EXCRUTIATING detail, so that I'll never have to forget them. Thats why seeing things live means alot to me, because I can say I was there, as it happened, not just watched some replay on a website. So if I've annoyed people, I'm sorry, but thats just me. Also, if you don't like the music I listen to, well thats up to you, but for gods sake at least appreciate the fact that I listen to it. Its played such a big part in my life, and I don't think people realise just how much I've been infuenced in the last few years. When I started Secondary, I let people walk all over me, I was just that quiet weird lass who anyone could take the piss out of and she wouldn't do anthing about it. I used to hate the world, and I used to let every comment get to me, but now, I'm building up and immunity to it. People can think what they like of me...I don't care anymore. I wouldn't be anywhere as near as confident as I am now if I didn't constantly think that Kerry wouldn't be scared of doing things on her own and putting herself infront of people. So you can laugh at me and think I'm as weird as you like, but without Kerry and Theatre and singing, I would be nothing.

Right rant over. Sorry if it sounded harsh, but thats just how I'm feeling today. In a bit ! x