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There's a hole in my soul.

I can't fill it.

I am Musical Theatre obssesed, The names Eleanor...I love to sing, act, and be random !(Ohh and dance, even though I'm really bad at that :P) I <3 Wicked the musical, Kerry Ellis, Oliver Tompsett, Dianne Pilkington, Mazz Murray, Sabrina Aloueche, Ricardo Alfonso and anything else Theatre related! I love all my friends, and I love the fact that they associate all musicals/actors/actresses/theatres with me...It means alot guys, you lot all know these things mean the world to me :) The West End is the goal (Or broadway, you know...I wouldn't argue ;D), and one day, IT WILL be a reality, I am so determined it is unbeleiveable...So, if you want to read my blog (And believe me, you wont get much more than talk of Kerry and Musicals) Then feel free...